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Buy a longboard, surfskate, cruiser or a skateboard

If you are looking for a site selling longboard boards you have guessed right. In BeXtreme you can buy longboards of any kind. All our longboard and skateboards are tested. Whenever we can, we use proximity suppliers and eco-friendly materials for our skateboards. That's why most longboards are made of bamboo with epoxy resin from natural biomass.

What type of longboard to choose

We have all types of skateboards. Freeride longboard, freestyle longboard, downhill longboard, dancing longboard, longboard cruising, surfskate,  skateboards and much more.

In BeXtreme you can customize longboard to have the table of your dreams or make the dream of others come true. What better gift can be made than a personalized skateboard.

Difference between longboard and skateboard

Longboarding is an evolution of skateboarding. Longboards are used more for walking, dancing tricks, going downhill or skidding. Skateboards are more for tricks on the street or in the skatepark.

Difference between longboard and surfskate

Surfboards are the ultimate as they have axles that will give you the best sensations to surf the asphalt. With a surfskateboard and the respective surf axes you can move forward without having to pedal. Only with the movement of the bouncing your board and you will advance. Practice this movement to go faster with your surfboard.