Balance board & Jibbing bar BeXtreme

Availability: 6-7 days

Say goodbye to boredom and say hello to being in shape! We made a unique product. All in one!

  • Balance board is 100% wood 80x32x2cm
  • Roller 14cm diameter 2 Supports 28x3x3cm (optional)
  • Skateboard 8" (optional)
  • Handmade in Spain
  • Manufacturing warranty


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Quarantine has spread in BeXtreme! We have reinvented ourselves with this product made by Ramon Caus, carpenter of Navás and wakeboard rider.

Note that this balance board is an improvement of the first one that we released, with CNC milled wood engraving and end stop. Ramon gives us a 1 year guarantee, although it will last for life!

You may be wondering: Balance Board or Balance Bar? You can have it all in one! We have made this polished solid wood roller 14cm in diameter by 40cm in length that will last you for life. The brackets stay static, and you can add a jibbing bar. Invite your friends to see who pulls out the best tricks with the board you have, whether it’s skateboarding, longboarding, snowboarding or wakeboarding!

This is the perfect product so that you don’t waste time with these days of quarantine. Practice balance and tricks with the indoboard (balance/balance board) or move to the next level with the jibbing bar. You just must put the 2 supports on the roller and hang some bambas to the skateboard with adhesive tape, for example.

Choose the complete pack or just the products that interest you in the dropdown box at the top right and start having fun at home. Improve your balance, agility and dexterity, so that when the quarantine is over, no one will beat you! Practice tricks like nosepress, tailpress, varians, shove it, 360, etc.

Balance BeXtreme is also an ideal product to strengthen muscles and recover from injuries. You can use it for all kinds of fitness exercises, working all muscles and joints.

You can practice many types of tricks and exercises. In this video we teach you advanced tricks to get some ideas.

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