Longboard Kamikaze BeXtreme

Availability: 2-3 days

  • Longboard size 38”x 10”
  • 9 ply maple and fibre
  • Foot-locking concave shape

  • Aerodynamic shape
  • No Flex
  • Longboard for Downhill and Freeride
  • Manufacturer warranty
  • I will assemble it
  • Buy assembled


Board Personality

FLEX (10 is hard) 9

More info

Special topboard longboard table for Freeride and Downhill. We are talking about a totally rigid board with high concavities on the sides that will fix your feet perfectly and give you all the stability needed to go at high speeds and throw skids.

It is also characterized by being a wide board and having the base in the form of "W", 2 important factors for the fixation and placement of the feet.

The stability of this longboard table allows you to make quick turns and long and maintained skids, it is ideal for Freeride and Downhill.

Another of its outstanding features is the exceptional shape of this longboard table. Note that from behind instead of having wheel cuts, it has 3 maple laminates on the entire side, giving it an innovative shape that makes it impossible for the wheels to touch the board no matter how much you turn or weigh.

Choose if you want only the table or the longboard accessories you want (click for info):

- Axes: BeXtreme 180mm black

- Wheels: BeXtreme 70mm 78A or Santana 70mm 83A or Glutier 65mm 86A

- Bearings Abec 9 Enuff

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Technical features:

Length: 38" /   97 cm
Width: 10" / 25 cm
Wheelbase: 12,6" / 32cm 
Concave: high lateral
Flex: No Flex
Shape: Aerodynamic and directional
Truck Mounting: Top Mount
Material: 9 maple and fibre
Weight: 1.87 Kg.
Griptape included  

-Manufacturer warranty. Made in Europe

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