Surfskate Cruiser BeXtreme

Availability: 2-3 days

  • Surfskate board measurements: 29.5" x 10" / 75cm x 25.4cm

  • Northern Maple 7 Laminate Surfskate

  • Ideal for pool, freeride and cruising

  • Equip it however you want (surf trucks or longboard trucks)

  • manufacturer warranty

  • Surfskate (with surf trucks) from €162

  • Cruiser (with longboard trucks) from €152

  • I will assemble it
  • Buy assembled




Board Personality

FLEX (10 is hard) 9

More info

Surfskate board BeXtreme

New Surfskate BeXtreme. More resistant, more aggressive, more versatile! 

We present our new surfskate made of 7 American wood laminates "Northen maple". A surfskate board with very wide measurements for greater comfort and utility. In the photos you can see the aggressive concavities of this surfskate or cruiser board (depending on the trucks you choose). With these pronounced concavities, your feet will be better fixed than. You'll be able to skid, get into the skatepark, walk around and do those tricks that resist you so much. 

A surfskate with which bouncing (moving) will never have been so easy for you. Pedaling is over! 

The truth is that Carver brand surfskates have nothing to envy. Don't pay brand, pay benefits! 

* Surfskate board size 29.5" x 10" / 75cm x 25.4cm 

This complete surfskate only weighs 3kg and you can equip it with whatever you want, depending on the use you want to give it:

 Surftrucks: The Surf axles give you a more intense turn and faster pumping. The fluidity is comparable to surfing on a wave, which is why surfers use it for dry training. These are premium axles, different from the front and the back to provide the best feel. We have also been able to lighten the weight of these axles
without affecting their resistance. 
●  Longboard Trucks: If you want a quieter turn and to save money, longboard axles will transform this surfboard into a very versatile cruiser.

●  BeXtreme Speed 80A yellow wheels: The most versatile 70x51mm longboard wheels. Big and wide,
these wheels are off-road so nothing can stop you.
BeXtreme Magnum 86A wheels: Special 65x46mm longboard wheels for freeride and freestyle. Made of a special urethane, these wheels won’t leave you infamous.

●  Abec 11 Taitan bearings: Longboard bearings characterized by a low coefficient of friction and titanium.
●  Abec 9 Enuff bearings: Longboard and skate bearings that are characterized by their high durabilitywhich is guaranteed by the Enuff brand.

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