The best board at the best price:

BeXtreme offers direct sales, without intermediaries. This guarantees the best prices on the market for you. BeXtreme strives to be an international brand that is ecological focus and that does things differently, guaranteeing consumer satisfaction. If you want to know more click on What is BeXtreme!

Direct sale, direct contact:

Since we sell directly without intermediaries, you also benefit from having a direct attention service, without delays or difficulties. Most likely, the founder of BeXtreme himself will attend to you personally. You just have to click on Contact us

Manufacturer's warranty and 15 days for return:

This is our promise of quality. We review, assemble and test all our products before sale, but if a problem arises you can return the product to us at no additional cost and with personalized customer service.

BeXtreme, technological pioneers:

We try to incorporate the best materials and technologies into our snowboards, skateboards, longboards, SUPs and wakeboards. Many of them are currently used in the Pro panorama and every year we change models to be up to date. More information about our technologies

Personalized attention in 24-48h:

We were born out of discontent with international brands to do things better. One of our missions is to offer personalized, fast and efficient customer service. For that reason, either by call or message, we will respond to you in less than 48 hours and we will treat you individually. The safest thing is that the founder of the brand himself will attend to you! For anything click on contact

Custom Boards:

We believe that each person is unique, so you should have a unique board if you want. That is why we customize snow, skate and longboard boards either by vinyl or by hand. If you want to see the available models, click on personalized longboard and skateboard or personalized snowboards

Satisfaction guaranteed:

Take a look at the BeXtreme customer reviews and ratings. We believe this is the best guarantee you can have. Both Icert and Google are in charge of verifying what is said about us

BeXtreme with the Pros:

We have a team of Riders who test our boards and tell us what can be improved. We also let anyone try them out at the events we organize. With all the opinions we make the pertinent improvements for the following models. If you want to visit the BeXtreme TEAM or see the events and sponsorships!

Take care of the environment:

We all know that most snow, skate, longboard, sup or wakeboards are made with plastics, resins and chemicals that harm the environment. At BeXtreme we manufacture ecological boards that do not cause negative impact on the environment. We use FSC certified replanting wood or plantation substitutes such as bamboo and paulownia for example. If we do not take care of planet earth, we will not be able to continue enjoying it. Discover all our materials by clicking on ECO materials.