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Custom snowboard

Customized Snowboard

Custom snowboard There are 2 products.

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    Customize your snowboard Get the personalized snowboard of your dreams or make the dreams of those you care about come true. Choose one of our boards and customize it with front a vinyl or you can get a new fully custom snowboard from our factory. Send us an email to and we will make your dreams possible. * Special prices for companies

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    Say goodbye to boredom and hello to being fit! We have made a unique and customizable product!A balance board that can be made static (jibbing bar) to practice tricks with your skateboard, longboard, snowboard or wakeboard!Add the add-ons you want and choose the type of customization in the drop-downs on the right. ¡The best gift!


Customize snowboard

In BeXtreme you can create the snowboard you want. Whether to make your dreams come true or those of others. You can buy personalized snowboards to give away and curate it the most!  Choose the type of custom snowboard you want:

  1.                 Choose camber from your custom snowboard; traditional, inverted, flat or double camber.
  2.                 Choose the flex of your custom snowboard, depending on whether you want it more for freestyle or freeride.
  3.                 Choose the size of your custom snowboard.
  4.                 Finally choose the design of your custom snowboard.  Depending on the way of snowboarding customization you can choose to customize the front and rear design or only the front.

Custom snowboard types

Customize snowboard using vinyl

The fastest and cheapest way to buy your custom snowboard. In this case you can only customize the layout in front of your snowboard as we will put it on top of one of our existing snowboards. You can’t customize the bottom of the snowboard since it already has wax on it.

Customize factory snowboard

Here we have already talked about a custom snowboard from the factory, just like ours but with the designs you want.  It will fit you perfectly and you can customize the bottom of the snowboard as well. The only thing is that you must do it with time to spare and pay extra for the factory to make a single board for you. 

Customize snowboard for business

We also make custom snowboards for companies. You can put the logo / business design you want and do several marketing actions to promote your brand. If you are a renting you can rent snow boards customized with your design and thus advertise while they are rented. You will also prevent theft. 

In case you want to make 5 custom snowboards or more we will discount you for quantities.

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You can see examples of custom snowboards on our Instagram