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Snowboard bindings

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Automatic Snowboard Bindings

In BeXtreme you can buy SP snowboard bindings since we are distributors of this brand of automatic snow fasteners. After testing many models of snowboard bindings we have realized that the SP are the snowboard bindings that have the best mechanism and at a very competitive price. We are talking about cheap snowboard bindings if we compare them with the other brands of snow bindings. These snowboard bindings can be used normally or automatically, although the comfort of its automatic release & memory  system will not give you others.  Highlight their very light weight that make them more than suitable as snowboard fixings for freestyle.

The models of SP snowboard bindings that we sell are the best sellers. Mainly you can buy  SP Private snowboard bindings for  its economical price and SP brotherhood snow bindings for their exquisite finishes.

Flow snowboard bindings

Our snowboard bindings are like the Flow. They have the same automatic fixing system, but they are cheaper. Apart from our snowboard fixings shop we have an offer. That's why we say we have cheap snowboard bindings. Look at all the models we have in our online store snow bindings and discover the one that best suits your needs.

Men's snowboard bindings

Men's snowboard bindings are unisex snow bindings with rather large sizes. Snowboard bindings can be used by both a man and a woman. Only the measure of the snow fixation changes.

Women's snowboard bindings

Women's snowboard bindings are the same as men's snowboard bindings but with smaller sizes. A snowboard fixation serves both boys and girls. You only have to worry about the size of the snow fixation so that it works perfectly for you