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This is a longboard and skateboard store in Barcelona where you can buy longboards and skateboards of all different kinds at the best price. BeXtreme is a skateboard brand that was
created in Barcelona out of discontent. As we were tired of paying high prices for longboards
from international brands, we found a way to have reasonably priced longboards without
sacrificing quality or the sustainability of the planet. Our secret is to do things differently, which
is why our slogan is WRITE YOUR RULES.

If you are trying to decide which longboard to buy, you can click on the tab to see each
skateboard that we offer and see the detailed description. You will even find videos of our boards
in action! There are many types of longboards, so if you want to know which longboard to
choose, click on the link and discover our article that helps you choose a longboard.

In this online store for longboards and skates, you will not only find longboards, but we also sell
accessories such as longboard trucks, longboard wheels, longboard bearings, skateboards,
skateboards and much more.