Longboard Dance 46 BeXtreme

Availability: 4-5 days

  • Measures 46" x 9.5" x 31.25" or 32.25"(wheelbase)
  • Longboard ideal for dancing, freetyle and cruising
  • Made with bamboo, fiberglass and northeast maple
  • Longboard with high flex and resistance
  • Bidirectional Longboard
  • Manufacturing Warranty

  • I will assemble it
  • Buy assembled




Board Personality

FLEX (10 is hard) 2

More info

A longboard designed for dancing, freestyle and cruising. Its 2 sheets of bamboo, american maple  1 fiberglass make it a longboard very difficult to split, lightweight and gives us a more elastic flex, but with less rebound. Perfect for dancing and cruising.

There are two different axes options (wheelbase) which can increase your possibilities. A small one to give you more tilt on nose and tail, and a big one to get more stability.
Its high tail and nose facilitate freestyle tricks and its wheelcuts make it impossible for the board to bite the wheels.
A hybrid longboard that combines the best of the Loaded Bahangra board and the new Tarab. It is an example that you can get material at a good price without losing the demand for quality. What you give up is an eye-catching design.
Choose if you want only the board or if you want the complete longboard assembled with the suitable accessories, you can see them in the images:

- Trucks: Longboard trucks BeXtreme 180mm black

- Wheels: BeXtreme 70 x 51mm 78A or Magnum 65mm 86A

- bearings Abec 9 Enuff or Abec 11 TAITAN

-Bushings 90A

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Technical Characteristics:
Bidirectional Longboard
Length: 46" / 116,84 cm
Width: 9,5" / 24,1cm
Wheelbase: 31.5" / 79 cm
Base of axles: 6,5cm
Medium concave in W
Flex from 50kg. to 115 kg.
Shape/Camber: concave in nose and tail
Truck Mounting: Top Mount
Material: 2 sheets of bamboo, 2 of northeast maple and 1 fiberglass
Weight: 2,35 Kg.
Transparent sandpaper included
- Manufacturer's Warranty

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