Longboard Trucks 7"

Availability: 2-3 days

  • Size/Hanger: 7" (180mm)
  • Turning angle: 55º
  • Reverse kinping
  • Bushings 90A red. cone+barrel
  • Black color
  • Include 2 trucks




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We give you the option to save money without giving up the good. We offer you some longboard axles elaborated meticulously by the riders of the brand to have the best sensations. They are a longboard axle type Caliber of the most versatile so you can practice any type of longboard. Freestyle, Freeride, Dancing, Cruising, and Downhill initiation (for high level of downhill you need precision longboard axes)   

Longboard axles with kingpin inverse and wide angle of rotation (55º inclination) this type of longboard axles has been made a gap among the most demanding for their high quality, durability and versatility they provide. 

They have a strong hanger that is less likely to bend. A higher quality pivot cup for longer duration, stability and smoother turn.

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