Balance board & Jibbing bar BeXtreme

Availability: 6-7 days

Say bye bye to boredum and say hello to be in shape. We made a unic product. All in one!

•Wood Balance Board  80x32x2cm
•13cm diameter tube with plush and 2 holes
•2 Holders 28x3x3cm
•Skateboard 8" (20x80cm)
•Handmade in Spain
•Manufacturing warranty


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We don't know you, but we get tired waiting to play extreme sports outside. So we made this new product adapted to the new COVID-19 situation.

Indo Board or Jibbing Bar you should be asking yourselve. Get it all! We build this 13x50cm tube with 2 holes for holders. So you can use it as balance bar or jibbing bar.

Practice your balance and tricks in home and get fun. To use it as Jibbing bar you just have to link the tube with the holders. Use the skateboard with some wasted shoes sticked and improve your jibbing tricks. You can use the balance bar with your snowboard or wakeboard.

Choose the full pack or just the products you need and get fun in home! Improve your balance, your agility and your skills to win everyone when we could practice extreme sports again. Practice tricks like nosepress, tailpress, varians, shove it, 360, ...

Furthermore, the Balance BeXtreme will strengthen your muscles and recover from your injures. Get in shape, get fun and challange your friends!

You can practice many tips and exercises, in this video we show you advanced tips for you to take ideas.


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