Ejes de surf 6,25" para surfskate

Availability: 3-5 days

Let’s introduce you to our surf trucks for surfing. We’re talking about 6.25" surf trucks that will give you the best feeling for surfing. We made it by differentiating the front surf axle from the rear surf axle.

Notice the high resistance of these surfskate trucks, thanks to the construction with Gravity Casting technology, which makes them stronger without any air bubbles.




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You’ve never experienced the same feeling with a skateboard. With BeXtreme surfboards, you can transform any longboard or cruiser board with a surfboard.

We are talking about 2 different 6.25" surf axles, one rear and one front, to get the best feeling while surfing. Both the front and rear surftruck have a RKP (Reverse King Pin), support and lightweight shed to facilitate freestyle tricks while also improving geometry for turning and pumping efficiently. Say goodbye to pedaling!

Highlight Gravity Casting heat manufacturing technology increases strength. These surftrucks don’t have any air bubbles, and their surface is a bit rough because of the heat treatment we’ve given them. Die Casting is the cheap construction option that doesn’t fool you!

* Color: Black

*Included 2 surftrucks

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