Longboard Freedom 39 BeXtreme

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  • Measurements Longboard 39" x 9,5"
  • Longboard 7 Canadian maple laminates
  • Concavities in sides, nose and tail
  • Mini-drops
  • W shape
  • 3 wheelbase positions
  • Low Flex (rigid)
  • Ideal for freeride, downhill and freestyle
  • Bidirectional and multipurpose longboard
  • Manufacturing Warranty
  • Vinilo SHUT UP
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Board Personality

FLEX (10 is hard) 9
Technologies: Intelligent Flex Multi-fiberglass Shock Absorber True Twin

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Freeride and Freestyle Longboard

This longboard is the 3rd evolution of the Freedom, designed to meet the needs of the Barcelona Riders who have asked us so much. Freestyle? Freeride? Downhill? All in a 7-laminate deck that combines bamboo and wood to give you the best downhill and skid stability without giving up pop for freestyle tricks. The bamboo makes it very difficult to Split.

We are talking about a longboard with a Top Mount truck layout, with a bidirectional double kick tail shape and aggressive side concavities to facilitate skidding.

This longboard deck is great for skidding thanks to its high lateral concavity, its mini-drops at the height of the trucks and its low (stiff) flex. There are also Riders who use it for Downhill as it is stable at high speeds and you can do pre-drifts without getting out of control (it will depend on the longboard wheels). The mini-drops and the W shape help a lot to keep your feet well fixed and to know where you are stepping.

Choose if you want just the board or you want the complete longboard with the right accessories, you can see them in the images:

- Longboard trucks BeXtreme 180mm black

- Wheels: BeXtreme 70x51mm 80A or Magnum 65mm 86A

- bearings Abec 9 Enuff or bearings Abec 11 Taitan

- Bushings 90A

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Technical Characteristics:
Length: 39" / 99 cm
Width: 9.5" / 24.13cm
Wheelbase: 24.33" (61.8cm), 24.8" (63cm) and 25.28" (64.2cm)
Tail: 5" / 13cm
Nose: 5" / 13cm
Concave High in nose, tail and lateral
W shape
Mini drops at axle height
Flex 70-120 kg.
Truck Mounting: Top Mount
Table weight: 2 Kg.
- Manufacturer's warranty. Made in Europe

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