T-Tool longboard skate

  • Simple and easy to use. It has the 3 necessary measures and includes screwdriver
  • Strong and durable. Made of steel, does not bend or part
  • Easy to transport. Small and light
  • Multifunctional. Suitable for longboards, skates, scooters,...
  • Warranty 6 months


More info

This tool is the most useful if you have any type of scooter. The T-tool can be used for longboard, skateboard, scooter,...
Take this T-tool always with you if you have to adjust or change the axles, wheels or bearings of longboard, skate,...
It comes equipped with screwdriver allen head and star, so you do not have problems with the types of screws that take your longboard or skate.
Size: 11 * 10 cm / 4.35 * 4 inches

Weight: 120g

Color red

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