Custom Cruiser Allroad BeXtreme

Availability: Disponible en 2 a 4 días

Get the longboard of your dreams. You can personalize your longboard with our vinils, with a custom exclusive vinil for you or handmade by our artist or just the deck without design. It’s your chose.




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You can chose if you want just the deck or the complete longboard with this accessories (click on for more information):

- Longboard Trucks: V-Pro Fourtyfour

- Longboard wheels: Santana 83ASantana 89ASpeed DH 78A

Hybrid Abec 7 Bearings

- To see costumer comments click here

1.- The extra-cost for Handmade personalization is 25€

2.- the extra-cost for one of our vinil designs is 20€

3.- If you want Handmade customization you can write us what you want to

4.- You can see videos of how we handmade customize Longboards above. For any question contact whit us.

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