Cruiser Allroad BeXtreme

Availability: 2-3 days

  • Skateboard cruiser 7 ply maple
  • Cruiser sizes: 27,6" x 7.8" / 70x20cm
  • Light and suitable for cruising/travel
  • All road longboard wheels with Abec 11 bearings




More info

We have created this skateboard cruiser so you can easily get around the city. Made of 7 maple wood laminates, this cruiser is characterized by its longboard accessories.

We’ve added on big longboard wheels so you won’t get stopped by any potholes or pebbles you might find along the way. The bearings are fast so you will have to pedal as little as possible.

Much tougher than a plastic cruiser or penny, this skateboard has a kicktail (impressions in the tail) so you can practice freestyle tricks and rotate suddenly if you need to.

To prevent the wheels from touching the board (wheelbite) when turning, this longboard has wheelcuts (lowering the wood from the board above the wheels) and they come with lifts (raising the axles to have more distance between the board and wheels). Don’t be afraid of anything; the BeXtreme Cruiser Allroad will take you wherever you want!

Technical characteristics:

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