Snowboard bindings SP Core Multientry Black

  • sLab base
  • ergo X highback
  • ultralight ankle strap
  • performer toe strap
  • evo buckle
  • E.V.A. footbed
  • SP Brotherhood M (42-44EU) Bindings
  • SP Core Gunmetal (39-41,5EU) M Bindings




Board Personality

Freestyle / Park 8
Freeride / Downhill 8
Technologies: Intelligent Flex Shock Absorber

More info

Automatic Snowboard Bindings SP Core

The SP Core Multientry Gunmetal automatic snowboard bindings are the top of the range of the brand. Difficult to find more complete and comfortable snowboard bindings.

We are talking about a Flow type snowboard bindings, with the auto release & memory system with which you will not have to be removing and tightening the straps. This system works without ratchets, although the multientry have in the 2 straps ratchets for greater fixation if desired. If you are not satisfied with the automatic system, you can use them in the normal way.

Apart from their system, these snow bindings are very light as they are made of aluminum and ultra-light fiberglass. They are very well fixed to the boot as they have an adaptable soft toe binding (not plastic like the Private bindings).

For those with big feet, they have built-in toe risers that lift the boot off the ground. For freestyle, they have the disc covered with E.V.A. (padding), which will help you to amortize the receptions, to not loosen the screws and not to make ice clapas.

* Black color.

* All sizes available in the right menu.

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