Snowboard Bindings SP Mountain ME Olive

Availability: in 2-5 days

  • Automatic Snowboard Bindings

  • sLab base
  • HC PRO highback
  • mountain ankle strap
  • alu lever anodized finish
  • evo buckle
  • E.V.A. footbed with G-cell impact absorption
  • wrapped basebuffer
  • performer toe strap
  • 34-39EU (3-6US)
  • 39-44EU (7-10US)
  • 44-47EU (10-12US)
  • 39-41 EU (7-8US)




Board Personality

Freestyle / Park 6
Freeride / Downhill 9
Deep Powder 9
High Speed Carving 9
Technologies: Intelligent Flex Shock Absorber

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Automatic Snowboard Bindings Freeride

This is a backcountry thoroughbred: the most responsive and hot-blooded binding in our stable comes with a new highback, strong transmission, and a rock-solid construction. Wether you bolt through the terrain or trot along gently, you can always rely on the MOUNTAIN as your faithful companion. With the MOUNTAIN MULTIENTRY, you can strap on your bindings using FASTEC or classic ratchets.

Here's a video to see how the release & memory system works:

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