Longboard Wheels Speed 80A BeXtreme

Availability: 2-3 days

- Wheel dimensions: 70x51mm

- Hardness wheels: 80A

- Yellow color

- Polyvalent Longboard Wheels




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We present you our longboard wheels for downhill. They are wide wheels, medium soft and angular lip to have a good control and grip of the longboard. Made of polyurethane to increase durability and control. More than suitable for Freestyle, Cruising and Dancing as well.

Designed for your pocket, these longboard wheels come directly from the factory and are the most versatile on the market. Its width of 70x51mm makes it possible to overcome the bumps and sand that surprise you on the way while practicing Downhill, Freestyle, Cruising or Dancing.

Technical features:

* Diameter: 70mm 
* width: 51mm 
* hardness: 80A
* Lip profile: Angular 
* Material: PU 
* Colour: yellow

* Surface: smooth