Longboard & Skate Bearings ABEC 9 Chrome

Availability: 2-3 days

Pack of 8 high quality bearings perfect for any type of longboard, skate, scooter y roller.

They are a precision Abec 11 high quality bearings to maximize the momentum and speed. Resistant to water and sand, although it is recommended to avoid it for its greater efficiency.




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You can use these bearings in any situation; Downhill, Freeride, Freestyle, Cruising, dancing, ...

This bearings have a single rubber shield and the interior made with full chrome steel, this makes them much superior to common steel bearings, perfect to achieve high RPM and reduce the weight and temperature, while the steel prolongs its durability.

These longboard bearings have very low coefficient of friction. As thermal properties are better than common steel balls, which generate much more heat at high speeds.

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