Longboard Wheels Glutier 65mm 86A

Availability: 2-3 days

Wheel size: 65x36mm

Hardness wheels: 86A

Lip: round

Color: Orange

Special Urethane for skids

Freeride longboard wheels




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The Glutier 86A longboard wheels are made of a special urethane that will facilitate skidding, lengthen and leave a trace. Thanks to its round lip, it will never have been so easy to start the skid. Its measure of 65x36mm will lengthen the skids since it has less friction surface.

These longboard wheels are difficult to flutter and have a long durability thanks to its urethane composition.

Specials for Freeride.

Technical features:

* Diameter: 70mm 
* width: 51mm  
* hardness: 89A special urethane
* Lip profile: Angular 
* Shape: SS - HR  
*Core material: PU 
* Wheel-hub Colour: solid white
* Wheel-hub ventilation No  
* Wheel-hub setting: Semi-centered 
* Colour intensity: opaque core 
* Base: yes 
* Surface: smooth  
* Sugg. Use: slides, freeride, freestyle
* Required Spacer length Standard 10mm 
* Bearing seat Standard (DxL=22x7mm) 
* Packing unit Set of 4 
* Product weight kg: 0.349 kg

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