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Customize snowboard At BeXtreme it's possible for both, particulars and companies.

Get the personalized snowboard of your dreams or to give as a gift. Choose shape, flex, measure and customize the design as you want with the web application or by sending an email to

*We make special prices ordering multiple boards.

  • 145 cm
  • 152w cm
  • 157w cm
  • 160w cm


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We offer you the opportunity to make a unique snowboard, your own personalized snowboard.
Whether you are an individual or a company, we can customize the board you want. Normally we customize it at the factory, with all the finishes just like ours (availability between 1 or 2 months), but if you hurry we customize the snowboard by vinyl.
All our snowboards have dual wood light core and are made with ecological materials, from wax to resins and bamboo topsheet.
In this online store in Barcelona you can have your unique design and 100% custom, with traditional camber, Flat, Banana or double camber, without leaving aside the best quality of our eco-snowboards tested by riders.
*Special prices apply for companies. ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS!
Send us your proposal and we will study it, everything can be done. Email telephone 93 436 24 41
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