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Eco Wax for Snow ans Ski Nzero

Availability: 2-3 days

1 tablet 50g Eco wax Snow and Ski Nzero

- For standard temperaturas (5 to -10)

-100% Vegetable waxes

- 0% paraffin and flourated

- 0% toxic fumes and vapors

- 100% efficiency and innovation


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100% vegetable waxes: All waxes are made with 100% natural ingredients. A perfect blend based on plant extracts without toxic additives. Our goal: to enjoy skiing as much as possible and in a sustainable way.

0% paraffin and fluorinated: Another of the challenges achieved: develop products 100% free of hydrocarbons, paraffins and other pollutants. That our only trace on the snow, is that of our environmental commitment.

0% toxic fumes and vapors: We think of ski professionals who spend hours waxing and taking care of the material, so we have developed a complete range of 0% toxic waxes and with fewer emissions.

100% innovation: More than two years of collaboration with international laboratories, using the latest technologies and natural derivatives of last generation. The result: the ecological wax with greater benefits.

100% efficiency: Protect your ski material by extending its life. In addition, they provide maximum slippage in the most extreme circumstances, reinforcing control and exceeding the demands of the most stringent users.

Nzero eco-brand

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