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Tavola Skate e Longboards

Longboard and skateboard in Barcelona

Tavola Skate e Longboards There are 11 products.

If you are looking to purchase longboards, you are at the right place. At BeXtreme we have been
working on improving our longboards and skateboards since 2013. Whenever we can, we use
local suppliers and ecological materials for our skateboards. That is why most of our longboards
are made of bamboo with natural biomass epoxy resin.

We have all types of skateboard decks. Freeride longboards, freestyle longboards, downhill
longboards, dancing longboards, cruising longboards, buy surfskate, skateboard, …

The longboard is an evolution of the skateboard. Longboard boards are used more for walking,
doing dancing tricks, going down hills or skidding. Skateboards are more for doing tricks on the
street or in the skatepark.