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Accesories Longboard and Skateboard

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In our online longboard store you can find all kinds of accessories for your skateboard, where it
be a longboard cruiser, penny, surfskate, longboard, skate or longskate.
We have versatile longboard trucks so you can use them whatever your style may be. We have
cruising longboards, downhill longboards, freeride longboards, freestyle longboards or dàncing longboards. Only if you are a pro downhill longboard do we then recommend that you buy other longboard axles, specifically precision ones for high speeds.

In our longboard online store you can buy 2 types of longboard wheels so that you always have
the ones that best suit your needs. We have some cheap longboard wheels that are wide and big
so that the pebbles and potholes do not stop you. The BeXtreme Speed ​​longboard wheels would
be better for practicing longboard modalities such as dancing, cruising or downhill. We have
another type of longboard wheels for drifting and doing tricks. They are more narrow, smaller
longboard wheels with a special urethane for skids. They are lighter and harder wheels for
practicing freeride longboard or freestyle longboard.

We also sell longboard and skate bearings. Our top seller for skateboard accessories are ABEC
11 bearings. The longboard bearings are very fast and at a very reasonable price. If you want
some skate bearings we recommend the ABEC 9 Enuff, which are more resistant.
In this longboard and skate shop you can find other accessories such as longboard risers,
longboard protectionsT tool to mount skateboards and many other skateboard accessories.