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Tavola longboard e skate personalizzati

Personalize longboard and skateboard

Tavola longboard e skate personalizzati  There are 11 products.

At BeXtreme we like unique people with personality, that is why we believe that each rider
should have their own longboard or skateboard. We offer you the possibility to customize a skateboard either for yourself, as a gift or for a company.

In our Barcelona longboard shop you can customize your longboard or skateboard in 2 different
ways: by vinyl or by hand by our artist Anna Vilamú. You can customize the longboard you
want the way you want. As well as customizing skateboards, you can customize longboard cruisers or any custom skateboard.

To customize a longboaard or skateboard using vinyl you need to have the file in high resolution.
However, our designer can also do it for you for a small price. This is the downside of this
customization. The advantage of customizing skateboard decks with vinyl is that it can be any full color image or photo.

To customize a longboard or skateboard by hand, you don't need anything more than your idea
and a hand-drawn sketch of how you want it. The downside of customizing your skateboard by
hand is that we won't be able to make it in full color and it may not be exactly how you want it,
although our artist always gets high compliments. Our taste tells us that skateboard
customizations by hand directly on top of wood or bamboo are more beautiful and authentic, but you choose. WRITE YOUR RULES!