Inflatable paddle board BeXtreme Shark

The Shark is an inflatable Stand Up Paddle for those who are looking for more than just a board.

Here we are talking about a SUP type Touring for the adventurers that wish to make sailings or catch the waves. A board agile and resistant made with a double layer that is heat sealed.

It’s dimensions are: 11' x 30" x 5"/ 335,3 x 76,2 x 12,7cm

This makes this board inflatable large and tight.


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Paddle surf inflatable board Touring

We offer you a SUP inflatable board touring for the most demanding customers and the least beginners. Explore new coves, caves, rocks and beaches. Do not let anything stop you, go everywhere you wish with this SUP inflatable of high quality which you will be able to use in variable seasons thanks to his fabrication in heat sealed and his double layer.


The paddle surf Shark incorpores the technologie of double layer fusion.The currently best structure for a paddle surf board on the market. The drop stitch technologie of this board does not only have intertwined wires of nylon between the two layers, but the second layer instead of being glued is fused in heat with the first one.


The major advantages of this new technologie is that the finishes are perfect, without wrinkles and bubbles, and without the glue the board has 20% less weight and 30% more rigidity than the ones that are glued.

Aside from being much more resistent. 

If you are looking for a paddle surf that is stable and at the same time light for long sailings or to catch waves, the Shark will be made just for you. With a big height and that is light, this paddle surf inflatable board will allow you agility and speed. You will be unstoppable even facing the wind!


Dimensions of the SUP board: 11' x 30" x 5"/ 335,3 x 76,2 x 12,7cm

Weight maximum suportable: 150kg


The accecories to won’t let yhou indifferent.The prince has everything you need to begin included:

1.Bag to transport the SUP

2.One paddle made with aluminum and nylon adjustable

3.3 SUP fins, 2 fixed and one adjustable

4. SUP Inflator of high precision (inflate at 15psi)

5.Reparation kit of the SUP

6.Security leash to strap on your foot.

kit paddle surf

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FACTORY WARRANTY / 2 YEARS¡Don’t worry! We give you 2 years warranty in case the snowboard has some defect from factory. We could give you 10 years, but you would say there is some trick behind.

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