Longboard Dance 46 BeXtreme

Availability: 2-3 days

  • Medidas 46" x 9,25" x 31,5"(wheelbase)
  • Perfect for dancing
  • 2 bambu + 4 maple ply construction
  • Soft flex and very resistance board
  • Responsive nose & tail tricks
  • Manufacturer warranty


More info

The 2 bamboo + 4 maple ply make this board really resistance and give you an elastic flex without bounce. Perfect for dancing and cruising.

The tail and nose up of this longboard allows you to play tricks easily and have good control of the board. His wheelcuts make wheels can’t bite board.

Technical features:

Características Técnicas:

Longboard bidireccional
Longitud: 46" / 116,84 cm
Ancho: 9,5" / 24,1cm
Wheelbase: 31,5" / 79 cm 
Tail: 13cm
Nose: 13cm
Base de ejes: 6,5cm
Cóncavo Medio en W
Flex desde 50kg. hasta 115 kg.
Forma/Camber: concava en nose y tail
Truck Mounting (Disposicion de los ejes): Top Mount
Material: 2 Laminas de bambú, 4 de arce y epoxy 
Peso tabla: 2,65 Kg.
Lija incluida
- Manufacturer warranty