Longboard Dance 48 BeXtreme

Availability: 2-3 days

  • Longboard sizes 48" x 9,5" x 32,75"(wheelbase)
  • Perfect for dancing and freestyle
  • 5 ply Bamboo construction
  • Soft flex and very resistance board
  • Responsive nose & tail tricks
  • Manufacturer warranty


More info

We achieved a really hard resistance for this longboard thanks to his 5 bambu ply construction. Te bambu give you an elastic flex without bounce too. Perfect for dancing and cruising.

The longboard tail and nose concavity allows you to play tricks easily and have a good control. You can easly play tricks like flatland and hand tricks. We got a really light longboard to perform tricks easy. 2,45kg is the name of this lightness.

As you can see in the features below, this longboard is like the Lodaded Bhangra, almost same shape and sizes. The difference comes from design and price, good deal for riders who don't want to waste money. The transparent griptape give personality to this longboard.

You can choose if you want just the board or the complete longboard with the accessories you wish. You can see them in product pictures or clicking:

Longboard trucks BeXtreme 180mm black

- Wheels: BeXtreme 70mm 78A or 80ASantana 70mm 83A  or Glutier 65mm 86A

Rodamientos Abec 9 Enuff or rodamientos Abec 11 Chrome

- Bushings 90A

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Technical features:

Length: 48" / 121,82 cm
Width: 9,5" / 24,13 cm
Wheelbase: 32,75" / 82,19 cm 
Tail: 15cm
Nose: 15cm
Flex from 50kg to 115 kg.
Camber nose and tail
Truck Mounting: Top Mount
Material: 5 ply bamboo
Weight: 2,45 Kg.
Transparent griptape
- Manufacturer warranty