BeXtreme Technologies and Eco-Materials

BeXtreme is committed to sustainability and protecting the environment. All the materials we
use have been chosen to reduce the impact on nature with a focus on local products. Our main
mission is to offer high-performance boards tested by riders with a focus on environmentally
sustainable premium materials. We all win!

How are our eco-friendly skateboard and longboard boards made?

We have carefully selected the materials for our skateboards. The bottom line is that bamboo is
the best material for its great strength and flexibility. Additionally, bamboo is an environmentally
friendly material! Bamboo is planted for sale, so it does not contribute to deforestation. The only
downside to bamboo is that it requires patience. It takes at least 7 years to be able to cut the
rods for their later manufacturing of longboards.

Aside from the main material, the best-performing skateboard and longboard boards also have
fibers interspersed with the laminates. These fibers are frequently made of glass and artificially
created, which damages the environment both by producing them and when they are shipped.
Our ecological longboard boards have natural fibers, manufactured with biodegradable products
from nature.

Much glue is needed to glue all the laminates and fibers together; this can be the
most toxic component of a longboard board which is why we use recycled epoxy resin with its
main bio components.