Customize the snowboard of your dreams

Customize the snowboard of your dreams
Snowboards personalizados por BeXtreme
Customize your snowboard
Build your custom snowboard

Snowboard full customized. We can make real your dream. You can have snowboards with your own designs, flex, camber, shape, … Just tell us what you want and we will make it real.

BeXtreme is a Barcelona company that offers unique custom snowboards for snowboarders enthusiasts. Their approach is to allow customers to customize their snowboards in two different ways, giving them the option to choose from pre-existing snowboards or to create a completely new snowboard for you. The first way is by customizing the top of the snowboard with a vinyl, while the second way is by creating a completely new snowboard from the factory.

Your first option of snowboard customization (fast customization)

The easiest and fasted way to customize a snowboard is by choosing one of BeXtreme’s pre-existing snowboards and then adding a custom design to the top of the board. This is a great option for those who want to create a unique look for their board without having to go through the entire building process. Since the bottom of the snowboard is already covered in wax, the top is the perfect canvas to display a personalized design. We make a special vinyl with your design to paste it on the top of the board, You have to choose one of our existing snowboard you can find in snowboards to sell. Customers can choose from a variety of different BeXtreme snowboards and place the top design they want. The back design will be the one of the existing snowboard they have been chosen. With this customized snowboard option you can have the personalized snowboard in 10-15 days for just €439.

Your second option of snowboard customization (full customization)

The second way to customize a snowboard is by creating a completely new board from the factory. This option gives customers complete control over both top and bottom designs of the snowboard. Not just this, customers can buy snowboards choosing the flex, shape, camber and more! This process takes longer because we have to order it to factory before starts next season production, it means it has to be ordered before September. Customers can work with BeXtreme’s design team to create a unique graphic that will be printed directly into the board. This process uses a special printing technique that ensures the design will not peel or fade never. Customers can choose from a variety of base colors, patterns, and finishes to create a completely personalized snowboard. This option of personalized snowboard costs €579.

Creating your dream snowboard is quick and easy

The process of creating a custom snowboard with BeXtreme is simple and easy. You can start by browsing the bextreme snowboard shop and choosing the snowboard do you want to customize. From there, you can send an email to saying what snowboard you want and with what design. The BeXtreme designers can make your designs charging the cost or you can make the designs for your own with the BeXtreme requirements, if you need them, ask them to the previous email written. The cost of make you the snowboard designs are not included and they will depend of the complexity.

Once the design is approved, the team will print the vinyl or make the snowboard order to the factory. Customers can then enjoy their personalized snowboard on the slopes.


BeXtreme thinks everyone is unique so everyone should have a unique perfect snowboard. BeXtreme helps to snowboarders to buy a custom snowboard. Their custom snowboard options give customers the freedom to choose from easy and cheap way to have it or a longer way to have it full customized. With durable vinyl graphics and a special printing process, customers can be assured that their designs will last for years to come. Whether you’re a seasoned snowboarder or a beginner, a customized snowboard from BeXtreme is a great way to make your mark on the slopes.

¡This can be a perfect gift to do to peoople you love!

BeXtreme is a snowboard brand in Barcelona created in 2013 and can ship worldwide.

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