Custom Snowboard

Custom Snowboard
custom snowboards
Custom snowboards by BeXtreme

¿Do you want to get a custom snowboard?

If you want a snowboard with your design, BeXtreme can do it for you! BeXtreme is a snowboard brand in Barcelona that sells worldwide. They produce snowboards for his brand and they con produce for anyone. If you are a particular or a company, you can get the snowboard you want.

Particulars use to order custom snowboards to give to someone as a present or to get the snowboard of his dreams. Maybe you are a freak of Dragon Ball or your pet, then we can make a snowboard with Goku or your pet on the design. All is possible!

Companies use to buy custom snowboard to promote themselves. You can make snowboards with your logo and your business name to do different marketing actions. For example you can raffle the boards and get database, followers, extra sells,… If your business is related with the snow you can make pictures with your customized snowboards to use in social networks, in your web, in your catalogs,… Also you can produce personalized snowboards to sell as a complementary product.

One advantage we give to companies is the quantity discount. From 5 snowboards you get the first discount, but if you buy 10 or more you really get good prices. There are rentings that order us several snowboards to rent and they get best snowboards with last technologies and his company name on it to promote their business and aboit robberies.

Our custom snowboards are made with same materials and technologies as our own snowboards. This means you will not just have a snowboard with a nice designs, but you will get a really good board with last technologies and materials.

What can you customize in your snowboard?

Is not just about the design, you can customize the shape, the flex and the size of your snowboard. We will help you to get the personalized snowboard to fit your needs.

Types of custom snowboards

You can choose 2 options to get your custom snowboards:

Personalize snowboard using vinyl:

The fastest and cheapest way to make your custom snowboard. In this case you can only customize the front design as we will put a special vinyl with your design on top of one of our existing snowboards. You can’t customize the bottom of the snowboard since it already has wax on it.

You can have the personalized snowboard in 1 week and this way is more cheap than customize in factory.

Personalize snowboard from factory:

Here we produce your custom snowboard in our factory with our full production. It means the customized snowboard will have the designs done perfectly from factory. Here you can custom both sides of the snowboard.

In this case, you need to order the custom snowboard before September to get your snowboard in November. You have to order your personalized snowboard before we produce our snowboards to make them together. So you need to order it before season stars!

BeXtreme custom snowboard
The founder with his Snowboards 20023

What I need to order a custom snowboard?

In fact, you don’t need anything to order a custom snowboard in BeXtreme. Just think about how you want the design. Our designer can do the designs for you, but obviously, she charge some money to work.

If you have knowledge of digital design or you have some friend that can make your designs, you will save money from this.

But don’t worry for anything, just send us an email to and tell us what you really want. We will help you to get the snowboard of your dreams.

Ah! You should know BeXtreme sells directly with no intermediaries, it means you will get the custom snowboard with best price. Check our snowboard shop to find more information about us and our snowboards!

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