Materiali e tecnologie per il wakeboard BeXtreme

BeXtreme Technologies and Eco-Materials

BeXtreme is committewakd to sustainability and protecting the environment. All the materials we
use have been chosen to reduce the impact on nature with a focus on local products. Our main
mission is to offer high-performance boards tested by riders with a focus on environmentally
sustainable premium materials. We all win!

How are our environmentally friendly wakeboard boards made?

We have carefully chosen the materials from our wakeboard boards to deliver the best
performance and have the smallest impact possible on nature which is why our wakeboards
are mainly made of paulownia wood. Paulownia is a plantation tree and is very resistant like
bamboo, but less flexible. In a wakeboard board we do not want as much flexibility as in a
snowboard or longboard as the wakeboard already makes concave shape and goes through the
water. With too much flex, it can get out of control.

Paulownia is eco-friendly as it is planted for future sale, so you avoid deforestation. The
downside is that the paulownia tree takes at least 8 years until it can be cut!

The sidewall or ABS is made of bamboo paste, so you will have the toughest on the market
without giving up the eco-friendly aspect. The fibers we put between the core of paulownia are
natural and manufactured through biodegradable products found in nature.

Sticking fibers with paulownia requires a lot of glue. This can be the most toxic component of a
longboard board which is why we use recycled epoxy resin with its main bio components.



100% Paulownia wood

True Twin 


Inserts M6

Our wakeboards are
hand-made in Poland.
They are meticulously
built one by one to get
the best results.
Thanks to this, we can
give 2 years
warranty on all our
Our wakeboard boards
are all 100%
paulownia wood
because we believe it
is the best choice after
having tried other
materials. This wood
gives you all the
features you’re looking
for in a wake table:
agility, flexibility and
Our wake boards have
True Twin technology as
they are designed for
Freestyle. The True
Twin is nothing more
than enjoying the same
Flex and Shape on Nose
and Tail, while the holes
in the fixings are
centered on the table.
With this, you get a
totally bidirectional wake
All our boards
have a hand
glued bamboo
sidewall for
stability and
strength in the
Cable Park.
All our boards
come with M6
stainless steel
inserts for
precision and
durability. They
are the universal
measure for all
wakeboard boots
and bindings.