Snowboard Diamond BeXtreme 160cm

Availability: 3-4 days

  • Reverse camber (banana) snowboard
  • Snowboard made with Wood and bamboo
  • Wide snowboard (ancha)
  • Bidirectional snowboard (True Twin)
  • High flex (Nº 2-3)
  • Extra-light (2,85kg)
  • Manufacturing warranty
  • ECO-SNOWBOARD, especifications here

  • without bindings
  • Fijaciones SP Private 36-39 EU Black
  • Fijaciones SP Private 39,5-42 EU Black
  • SP Private Black (42-44) L bindings
  • SP Private Black (44-46) XL bindings
  • Snowboard Bindings SP Brotherhood M (42-44EU)
  • Fijaciones SP Brotherhood Black (44-46) XL
  • Fijaciones SP Core Gunmetal (44-46EU) XL
  • Fijaciones SP Core Gunmetal (39-41,5EU) M
  • No, I'll do it
  • Yes, do it to preserve the base




Board Personality

Camber Reverse Camber
FLEX (10 is hard) 2
Freestyle / Park 10
Freeride / Downhill 4
Deep Powder 7
High Speed Carving 3
Technical / Level 2
Technologies: Fibra Kevlar Duraclear Topsheet Gold ABS Intelligent Flex

More info

BeXtreme's Diamond 2019 snowboard is the preferred snowboard for those who want to get started in freestyle. We are talking about a very light snowboard of inverted camber (banana), very playful and parkero with which you can easily do tricks of piste (flat tricks), jumps of medium size, all type of jibbing and off-piste.
It is an ecological snowboard because all its components are responsible for the environment, you can see their materials and technologies by clicking on the link. Its topsheet is made of bamboo and the design is printed directly through silkscreen. This gives it extra strength and reactivity, apart from a unique design.
Of course, such a board needs to be bi-directional, that's why it's a snowboard with True Twin technology, same flex and wheelbase in both nose and tail. Even if you go swich the board will respond the same.
Note that it has 4 positions to regulate the stance and so you always go comfortable. There are people who prefer it short to have more rotation speed and less pressure on the knees and people who prefer it wide to have more balance in the modules.
Another important feature of this snowboard is its width. It is a Wide snowboard to promote balance in jibbing, powder buoyancy and the problem of large feet.
- Now you can buy a board with the SP Private Fasteners Pack, flow fasteners with the Auto Release & Memory system with which you won't have to sit down to put them on or take them off, the most comfortable and lightest! For only 140€ more you can have the snowboard with the bindings. You can see photos in the product images (top left) and all the information in snow bindings

tecnologias snowboards

Snowboard Bambú


BAMBU TOPSHEET / LONG LIFEAll BeXtreme snowboard top sheets are made with bamboo. We print the design directly. This is the most sustainable and resistant. The bamboo top sheet never peels of or get broken, just splinters. Furthermore you get extra pop and reactivity.

Snowboard Test


DOUBLE TESTED / REAL TESTSWe write our rules. We don’t just make the factory tests to ensure best performance and durability. We make our street tests to proof if our snowboards can handle our tricks.

Snowboard Ecológico


SUSTAINABLY MADE / BUILD WITH NATUREOur snowboards are made with love to take care the “Pachamama”. All snowboard are built with wood FSC certificate + recycled epoxy biomass + basalt fibers + bamboo topsheet + eco wax.

Snowboard Dual Core


SUSTAINABLY DUAL CORE / FSC CERTIFIEDWe choose beech and poplar dual core because is best freestyle performance election. Both woods are from forest responsibly treated.

Fibras Snowboard


SUSTAINABLE FIBERS / BASALT STRINGERSOur snowboards have 100% organic basalt fibers made with natural basaltic lava. We choose triaxal or biaxal fibers depending of the flex and reactivity we want.

Snowboard Garantía


FACTORY WARRANTY / 2 YEARS¡Don’t worry! We give you 2 years warranty in case the snowboard has some defect from factory. We could give you 10 years, but you would say there is some trick behind.

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