Wakeboard BeXtreme Punk 146cm

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- Ecological and resistent Wakeboard

- Light paulownia core + bamboo sidewalls

- Central carbon strip

- Light wakeboard for cable and boat

- Wakeboard 3 stages rocker

- 3D board with 4 channels in both sides

- Suitable for kiteboarding too

- Fin holes included

- Manufacturing warranty


More info

We have managed to manufacture a wakeboard that works perfectly in cableski (wakepark) and  boat too. Besides, we have tested it as a kiteboard and it works very well.

The Punk wakeboard is 146 x 44.5 cm. It is a long and wide board to have stability both in modules and in the water.

It has 4 different stance positions; the separation between your boots can be from 39 to 47cm. We have verified that with a more closed stance you gain footing, maneuver speed / mobility and the knees appreciate it, but you will have less balance in modules. T

his wake board has a 6 cm rocker and a 3 stage rocker. This means that the wake board has a triple base, curvature in 3 points, so that the base is flatter and then the sides are raised / curved with more pronunciation. This facilitates the tricks in the modules since you have more tail or nose in contact and consequently more stability.

This wakeboard has a 3D shape. 4 channels with relief that cover the entire table. These channels help in driving in water, stabilization in modules and reception of jumps. If you add the 4 fins to the holes that come standard, you have a board that is more suitable for boats or kiteboarding.

The paulonia, apart from being ecological because it is planted, is the most resistant wood without giving up flex. For this reason, our wakeboards are made of 100% Paulownia wood, which gives the board great strength and durability without giving up flex. Highlight the carbon strip throughout the center of the board to ensure its useful life. We have given it a medium flex so that it works well both in modules and in kickers and boats. The core is lighter than normal making a light board for freestyle. The sidewall or ABS is made of bamboo, so you will have the strongest on the market without giving up on the ecological. Finally highlight the natural fibers and bio resin used for the manufacture of these wakeboards.

* Choose pack with boots of wakeboard and they will be 10% cheaper!

Weight: 3.4 kg

Wakeboard fins dimensions: 228mm long x 20mm high. 7.5cm between screws. 4mm screws.

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