Snowboard Bindings SP Private Black

Availability: 2-3 days

  • Snowboard bindings flow type system
  • Without ratchets
  • Extra light (2,26kg the 2)
  • With tip fastening
  • Built-in tops
  • Disk covered with E.V.A. (padded)
  • Inverted Strap
  • Fijaciones SP Private 36-39 EU Black
  • Fijaciones SP Private 39,5-42 EU Black
  • SP Private Black (42-44) L bindings
  • SP Private Black (44-46) XL bindings




Board Personality

Freestyle / Park 7
Freeride / Downhill 7
Technologies: Intelligent Flex Multi-fiberglass Shock Absorber

More info

The new SP Private snowboard bindings are the most complete and comfortable on the market. We are talking about Flow type snow bindings, with the auto release & memory system with which you will not have to remove and tighten the straps. This system works without ratchets, so you won't have any problems with them either.
Apart from their system, these snow bindings are very light as they are made of ultra-light fiberglass. They are very well fixed with the boot as they have pointed fixation. For those who have the big foot has a few hooks in the tip. For the freestyle they have the disc covered with E.V.A. (padding) so that they don't come loose, don't make ice claps and amortize the receptions.

*Colour schwarz

Here's a video to see how the release & memory system works:

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