Where to buy paddle boards in Barcelona 

Where to buy paddle boards in Barcelona 
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Paddle surf in Barcelona
Paddle surf in Barcelona

We will tell you where to buy paddle board in Barcelona and what paddle surf is better for you

If you are wondering where to buy a SUP board in Barcelona don’t worry, we will give you the best options. You can buy a paddle board in Barcelona online or in a fisical shop.

What is important for you too, is what kind of paddle surf board buy. Here you have some tips.

The advantages of inflatable paddle boards vs traditional paddle boards

There are more and more people who want to buy their own paddle board. Some problems you may face when going paddle boarding and even buying one, is that transporting your paddle board can be very difficult. Traditional paddle boards are very big and may be a pain to fit in your car. So it’s better to invest in an inflatable paddle board. If you buy an inflatable stand up paddle board it will come with a backpack and foldable oars, which allows you to easily transport and it wherever you want . Another advantage of inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards is that they are easy to store, unlike traditional SUPs.

Now that we know the advantages of inflatable SUPs, let’s get a better idea of which inflatable boards are best for us and where we can buy one so we can start catching waves.

What paddle board is perfect for me?

sup boards in Barcelona
Different sup boards

If you want to buy a paddle board in Barcelona, click on the next link and check out these recommendations. An important feature that most people should look for in their paddle boards, is that it be round for optimal stability. It’s ideal to buy a round SUP board since they are more stable and easier to balance on than a sports or race board.

Another even more important feature when buying an inflatable paddle board is that the whole kit comes to you; this includes the pump, the detachable 3-piece oars, a backpack, and a repair kit.

The size of an inflatable stand-up paddle board is a very important aspect as well, although it is not necessary to get too fussy, as long as it is within certain parameters. For most people, a bigger paddle board is ideal because they’re more stable. This is especially important for beginners to learn how to balance. Only advanced and expert riders who want to go touring or catch waves will want smaller boards. A paddle board to start has to measure around 10.5 ‘x 34 «x 6», which would be 320x86x15.2cm. If you are looking for a more advanced level SUP, it is better to go for a smaller and thinner SUP board, this will measure at about 10.4′ x 32″ x 5″ / 317 x 81 x 12.7cm.

Buying your inflatable paddle board in Barcelona

paddle boards in sale barcelona
SUP board brand in Barcelona

There are not many paddle board shops in Barcelona, ​​so we will recommend 2 easy options to get you started.

1.- SUP board shop in Barcelona BEXTREME (best choice)

The first store we’ll talk about, is the Catalan brand BeXtreme. BeXtreme is based in Barcelona and it is not just a shop it’s a brand made by riders that sells boards directly to the finall client. So you can have a cheap paddle board with good quality. They have 2 inflatable paddle board models that you can order from their online store or buy directly from their warehouse office in Barcelona. What separates them from the other stores in Barcelona is the quality and price of their paddle boards. His SUP boards are used with ecologically friendly materials and they’re at a lower price than most traditional paddle boards. And don’t think that because they’re used with different materials, they’re lower in performance, because it’s quite the contrary. They share the same characteristics as top brand name boards but they won’t run your pockets dry.

If you want to get your hands on a BeXtreme paddle board, all you need to do is go to the online sup board shop and order it. If do you prefer to go to his store to be recommended and buy directly, you can call them or send an email to get an appointment at their Barcelona office warehouse store by phone +34 93 170 00 40 or email sports@bextreme

In this SUP store most probably Robert, the owner of the sup brand, will attend you and recommend you the best. You can see the opinions of customers who have purchased BeXtreme SUP boards in the link here. As this alternative brand conveys, don’t let anyone tell you what to do, create your own life and WRITE YOUR OWN RULES!

paddle surf board barcelona
Ainania with a BeXtreme paddle board

2.- SUP board shop in Barcelona DAFFI

The second store is the Daffi paddle board store. They have a lot of options to choose from that will be great to start off with. Whether you want to buy an inflatable or traditional paddle board, the Daffi has both to accommodate your needs. Just ask about their paddle boards section and you will have different options. The only inconvenient is the price, you will not find cheap SUP boards because, unlike BeXtreme, Daffi has not direct sells. Theu have intermediaries from factory to the store.

The Daffi surf shop in Barcelona is located at Calle Paris 124 in Barcelona and his telephone number is +34 933 333 356.

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