Longboard personnalisable Freedom 39

Disponibilité : in 1 week

You can get the Surfskate BeXtreme custom as you want, with one of our vinils, with a custom vinil or handcrafted for our artista. Check the product pictures!

  • Sans design
  • handmade design




En savoir plus

1.- The extra-cost of customize the longboard with one of our vinils (below) is 20 €

2.- The extra-costof customize the longboard with a custom vinil is 25€

3.- If you decide to personalize handcrafted, put what you want in comments when making the purchase or send us an email to sports@bextreme.es with the image or sketch you want in the table. The extra-cost is 25€.

4.- If you have questions or queries do not hesitate to contact to sports@bextreme.es

You can choose if you want just the board or the complete longboard with the accessories you wish. You can see them in product pictures or clicking:

- axes: BeXtreme 180mm black

- roues: BeXtreme 70mm 78A  ou Magnum 65mm 86A

Roulements Abec 9 Enuff ou Abec 11 Taitan

- Bushings 90A

* To see custumer comments click here

* You can choose one of our existing vinils:

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