Snowboard Flames 157cm BeXtreme

Availability: 3-4 days

- Snowboard All mountain flat camber

- Wide snowboard

- wood and bamboo snowboard

- Bidirectional snowboard (True Twin)

- Medium-High Flex (Nº4)

- Extra-light (2,85kg)

- Snowboard piste & park

- Manufacturing warranty

- ECO-SNOWBOARD, especifications here




More info

The new Flames 2020 snowboard is still the most versatile and preferred for most riders. We are talking about an all mountain flat camber snowboard, bidirectional, with a medium-high flex, with grip and stability on the track for you to enjoy in any terrain, park, track and dust.
The topsheet is made of bamboo and the design is printed directly by serigraphy, this gives an extra resistance and reactivity, apart from a unique appearance.
It is a snowboard with True Twin technology, same flex and wheelbase in both nose and tail. So you won't mind if you go swich.
Highlight that it has 4 positions to regulate the stance, there are those who prefer it narrow to have more rotation speed and less pressure on the knees and there are those who prefer it wide to have more balance in the modules.
Another important feature of this snowboard is its width. It is a wide snowboard that favors the control in jibbing, the powder buoyancy and solves the problem of the big feet.
To emphasize that it is an ecological snowboard since all its components are made with ecological materials for a better world. More information about materials and technologies.
- Now you can buy a board with the SP Private Fasteners Pack, flow fasteners with the Auto Release & Memory system with which you won't have to sit down to put them on or take them off, the most comfortable and lightest! For only 140€ more you can have the snowboard with the bindings. You can see photos in the product images (top left) and all the information in snow bindings.

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