Slider Bamboo BeXtreme

TechSlide 31.8 "x 8" without wheels

5 bamboo laminates Includes

4 replaceable pieces of sliding bacalite

Easy and long skids

Ideal for practicing TechSlide or Freeride tricks




More info

Enjoy rotating and skidding non-stop with the new BeXtreme Slider.

With the skateboard XL of 5 ultra-lightweight bamboo laminates and 4 circular pieces Creme extra-slip bacalita, we got a Tech Slider without wheels, which will allow you to practice tricks in standstill and downhill easily. Get a Stand Up of 20m on the first day!

Technical specifications:

1. Table 31.8 "x 8" of 5 bamboo laminates

2. Slip 80S special cut

3. Exclusive graphic by heat transfer

4. 4 pieces of extra-slip bacalita