sandpaper Customizable

Customize the sandpaper of your new BeXtreme longboard or skateboard to make it the most beautiful and unique. Our artist will put it with the colors and shapes that you want.

If you want to make a new custom drawing contact us


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We personalize it with stencil stencil, special sprays and a last layer of varnish resistant to chafing and water.

-If you just bought us the longboard, we will send it to you customized within 3-4 business days.

-If it is a table that you already have you can bring it to the workshop in Barcelona and see how we customize it or send it to the workshop and we will send it back customized for € 5 (shipping)

You can put the description and colors of your customized sandpaper in the comments section when making the purchase of this product or send us an email to, we will respond the same day!

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